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Rules For Playing Blackjack in American Casinos #3

I am continuing to talk about effective playing blackjack in American Casinos. Dealers, insurance, other specific tricks. Are you ready? Let’s go.
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Blackjack Playing Rules in American Casinos #1

Blackjack is the most popular casino game in America. The main reasons of such popularity are quite simple rules, which are familiar to almost all the casino visitors. Besides, Blackjack is considered to be a game, in which you can win. However, in some cases it is true, anyway most people will always play with a small advantage of a casino over them.
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Main Rules of Blackjack Pontoon

Today I will describe another interesting type of blackjack that is called Blackjack Pontoon. It is rather addictive and fun game. So …
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Primary Rules of Blackjack Switch

As you understood there were different kinds of blackjack game. In previous post I wrote about European Blackjack Rules. Now I would like to tell you about Blackjack Switch.
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Basic European Blackjack Rules

From six to eight standard decks, consisting of 52 cards, can take part in a game. At the beginning of a game, the players make bets in the boxes, after that a dealer dispenses plainly by two cards to the players and one for himself. Read more