Rules For Playing Blackjack in American Casinos #3

I am continuing to talk about effective playing blackjack in American Casinos. Dealers, insurance, other specific tricks. Are you ready? Let’s go.

The beginning of this theme:
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If the first dealer’s exposed card is an ace, then he will ask whether somebody wants to buy the insurance or not. When you buy the insurance, you stake on the fact, that the dealer has Blackjack and his lying facedown card is the ten-pip card. For insuring, you have to put your stake on the spot, which contains a message “the insurance is paid 2 to 1”. You are allowed to insure only 50% of your primary stake. So if you make a stake on 10$, you can only insure 5$.

After all the insurances have been made, dealer exposes the card, which is lying facedown, and if there is a ten-pip card, all the stakes on the insurance will be paid at the rate of 2 to 1. But if there was not the ten-pip card, the dealer takes all the lost stakes and the game continues. By the way, according to the classical game strategy, the stake on the insurance is a bad and unprofitable stake.

If the dealer’s ten-pip card is exposed, first of all he will check the value of the closed card. If this card is appeared to be an ace, the dealer will have Blackjack. In such cases, the dealer exposes it and begins to take all the lost stakes from the table. If the closed card isn’t an ace the game is to continue. Although, in some casinos the dealers do not look at the closed card, until the full dispensing have been made.

If the dealer’s exposed card neither an ace nor a ten, the game will continue. The dealer begins to ask the players leftward if they need a card. If you take a card, it is called hitting. When a player needs one more card, he gives a hand signal or scratch the table with a finger to show the dealer that he wants to get a card.

If the player does not want to take one more card, it is called standing and he just have to cover his cards with his palm. The hand signals are used to avoid different misunderstandings and the dealer could immediately understand what the player wants. Also it helps the security officers to observe the game by means of the candid cameras, which are placed under the ceiling.

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