Primary Rules of Blackjack Switch

As you understood there were different kinds of blackjack game. In previous post I wrote about European Blackjack Rules. Now I would like to tell you about Blackjack Switch.

The Idea of The Game

The game of blackjack is played on two boxes, with one very exciting addition – you can replace (to make a “switch”) the second card from the first box, in order to get better combination. After the “switch” the game continues according the general rules of playing blackjack.

The Rules of Blackjack Switch

When a dealer gets “hard” 22 pips of a stake, the players at the table neither lose nor win. Blackjack is always paid 1:1.

When a dealer has an ace abroach, the players cannot to take “even money”. The bonus “SUPER MATCH” is based on poker combinations, which a player gets on the initial four cards. The bonus is paid in accordance with a table.

Blackjack Switch Payment Combination

One pair 1:1
Three identical cards 5:1

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