Basic European Blackjack Rules

From six to eight standard decks, consisting of 52 cards, can take part in a game. At the beginning of a game, the players make bets in the boxes, after that a dealer dispenses plainly by two cards to the players and one for himself. Then the players take additional cards and after them, the dealer does the same.

In the European variant of blackjack the combination on the two initial cards of a player, which consists of an ace and a black jack is paid 5:2, that is, if a player stakes $100, having won he receives $250. Usual blackjack is paid 3:2.

In this kind of blackjack a player also can surrender after the double and after the split (except an ace split). After double a player can make a triple, that is to make a bet (which is equal to the initial one) once more and to get another card.

No doubt, that in total all these rules are very advantageous to a player, that is why a casino also has its own advantage – When both the casino and a player have 17 pips, the casino wins. The total advantage of the casino in this game is less than 0.5%. (If a player acts correctly).

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