Blackjack Playing Rules in American Casinos #1

Blackjack is the most popular casino game in America. The main reasons of such popularity are quite simple rules, which are familiar to almost all the casino visitors. Besides, Blackjack is considered to be a game, in which you can win. However, in some cases it is true, anyway most people will always play with a small advantage of a casino over them.

The majority of tables for blackjack have 7 boxes or the zone for betting. It means, that up to 7 players can simultaneously play at the table, and each of them has his own box for betting. Before you sit at blackjack table, look at the plate, that hangs over the table, so you can know the minimum betting sum for each round. But if you prefer to stake by $5, you would not sit at the table with minimal bet $25. So check the minimal bet once again before sitting at the table.

As soon as you sit at the table, you will need the chips, with the help of which you will make your bets. You can get them by dealer, giving him encash, he will exchange them for the equivalent number of chips. Be careful, do not put your money on one of the boxes, because the dealer can think, that you want to stake on this sum next round.

When all the players have made their bets, a dealer will dispenses by 2 cards to each player. He also takes 2 cards for himself, one of this cards will be face up, another one face down. If you ever read booklets in a casino, you know there that the idea of a game is to gather cards with total number 21 pips, but no more. In fact, the game has another aim. The real idea of the game is to strike the dealer, and you have the opportunity to do it by having the sum, which is closer to 21 pips, than the dealer’s one. You can make the dealer lose and to get more than 21.

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