Tournament Casino Blackjack Rules #2

What tournament tactics to choose? How to oversee your opponents moves? It can be seemed as basic elements but if you do that correctly your winning chances grows exponentially.

Please read the beginning of tournament rules on Tournament Blackjack Rules in Casino #1

Card Split in Blackjack Tournament

If a player has only two cards, and they are of the same value, then a player can split them (the button «SPLIT»). Meanwhile a sum of a stake comes to one card, and the same sum is staked on the other one. Now a player plays at two hands. The rules are the same, except that “blackjack” in split hands is not considered as “blackjack”, and the payment is 100%. Only three splits are allowed in one hand.

You are allowed to split several times. For example, if a combination 5 and 5 occurs, a player makes a split.
Five more fall to the first hand. A player makes a split again, and as a result, he plays for three.

“Tournament Move” – Surrender

If a player notices that for some reasons his cards are bad, his can refuse to play further, admitting his defeat (the button SURRENDER»).
In this case he does not lose his stake, but only a half of it (if he had 100 chips, he gets back 50).

You can surrender at once after card dispensing, on conditions that the first dealer’s card is not an ace.

Tournament Tactics – Insurance

If the first dealer’s card is an ace, a player is allowed to make an insurance bet, which is equal to the half of the initial one. If a dealer gets blackjack, and there is no exceeding in the insured hand, then a player wins the insurance bet with the payment 200%. If a dealer does not receive “blackjack”, the insurance bet is lost and the game continues as usual.

You can insure only after the card dispensing.
If a player has an opportunity to insure, then above each playing hand of a player appears a window with corresponding proposal.

”To Be Or Not To Be” – Even Money

If just after the dispensing a player has “blackjack” and the first dealer’s card is an ace, the player is offered “even money”, that is he gets a winning at the rate of 1:1 (but not 3:2) regardless of dealer’s cards. If a player refuses and the dealer has “blackjack”, the player gats his bet back and wins nothing.

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