Tournament Blackjack Rules in Casino #1

One of the most exciting kind of blackjack is tournament gameplay. I would like to describe you the process and some useful tips and tricks.

Game Content

Blackjack is a card game, the main sense of which is to pick up 21 pips or a sum near it, but no more than 21.

Playing Table in Blackjack

There are five boxes in the center of a table; you can play on any of them. Under them lie the player’s chips. In the right top, there is a deck, from which the cards are taken. In the left top, there are casino chips. In the right bottom of a table game control keys are situated.

Card Value

The sum of card pips forms from the value of all the cards in a hand of a player.

The values of cards from 2 to 10 coincide with their numerical value. For example, the value of a five is 5.

The value of a jack, a queen and a king is equal to 10.

Ace value is equal to 1 or 11. That is why you should have the maximum sum, but not more than 21. For example, the combination of a five and an ace has 6 or 16 pips simultaneously, the combination of an ace, a ten and a five has 16 (so if the ace value in this combination would be 11, then the sum would be 26, which exceeds 21). Card suit is of no importance.

Card Combination “Blackjack”

Blackjack is a combination of two cards, that consists of an ace and a card with a value 10 pips in any order.

The Rules of The Game

For card surrender a player should press the button «DEAL». If a player has just begun, a deck would be mixed and he would be offered to middle the deck by shuffling (a red card). Card surrender would continue until shuffle. After that all the cards, which are won back return in a deck, which is mixed once more. A player is offered to divide a deck by shuffle again.

A game is played with 6 decks, each of them consists of 52 cards (“shoe”)

A game is in progress between a dealer and a player. A player has the opportunity to play on several boxes simultaneously (as if some people take part in a game). The main aim of a player is to have 21 pips or the sum about it. If the sum exceeds 21, a player loses his stake.

The rules for a dealer are very simple. If he has 16 pips or less, he is bound to take a card. If his has 17 pips or more, he should stop.

The croupier deals cards in turn; he gives two cards to a player and one to himself abroach. Initially the cards are dealt to a player (until he stops or his sum reaches or exceeds 21).

A play can take an additional card (the button «HIT») or stop («STAND»). If in the end, the player’s sum is smaller than the dealer’s one, the player lost his stake. If the sums of the cards are equal, the player gets his stake back and receives nothing (a draw).

If he won, but does not have blackjack, the payment is 100% of the stake. For example, if you stake 10 chips and won, you get your 10 chips back and also receive 10 chips more.

If a player has blackjack, then the payment is 150% of a stake: that is having staked 10 chips a player gets 10 chips of the stake and 15 of a winning. If a dealer has blackjack, a player loses in all the cases, except having his own blackjack. In this situation a player gets back his stake and wins nothing.

Double in Blackjack

If a player hands only two cards, he is allowed to double his stake (the button «DOUBLE»). Meanwhile a sum from his account is charged off, which is equal to the initial stake, after that a player automatically gets one more card and the taking stops.

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