The Most Widespread Mistakes When Playing Blackjack

As I noticed about a couple of months ago more than a half of blackjack beginners made common mistakes. I decided to summarize some of them here and pay your attention to this set.

1. Errors in Choosing – to Stop Or To Take One More Card

The most frequent error of inexperienced players in blackjack is to stop, when mathematically, according to the simplest strategy; one should take one more card. It happens, generally, when a player has from 12 to 16 pips against the dealer’s 7-10. In any case one should remember, if you do not follow the simplest strategy, it means, that you do not increase your chances for a winning.

For example, let us suppose, that you have 16 pips, and the dealer has 7. What are you going to do in this situation? Some players would not take another card, hoping that the dealer would have an excess. Such logic is quite reasonable: these players believe, that if they take another card, they would have an excess, and their money, irrespective of dealer’s spread, would be a casino profit. I will try to explain why such a strategy does not usually work. If a player has 16, that is five cards, which can help him (an ace, a two, a three, a four or a five), in a deck, consisting of 52 cards, the number of such cards is 20.

There is a possibility 38.46%, that a player gets a card, which helps him. It is better than to stop at 16, knowing that a dealer has 7 and the continuation up to 17 is possible. If you stop at 12-16 against dealer’s 7-10, the dealer’s opportunity to lose is about 27%.

2. Mistakes in The Split

The greatest mistake is to split the tens. At 20 pips your chances for a winning are good. If you decide to make a split, than your chances are reduced to 45%. If a dealer has a six, that is the mark of possible excess, ten splitting gives you only 20% of winning probability. Another wrong lead is to split 2 fives. By splitting them you have a good chance to get 15 in one of the two spread. Depending on the dealer’s card, a good lead is to ask for another card or to double a stake.(All this is also true for 2 fours).

3. Mistakes When Playing Blackjack

You should stake after careful consideration. It also concerns poker and roulette. If you have a feeling, that today you do not have luck, you should just go away and to try your luck some other time, and may be in another place. And on the contrary, if you are very lucky, you should remember, that it is not forever. It often happens, that a player having won a big sum continues to play because of his greed and foolishness, and finally loses everything that he has won before, and usually – even more.

You should learn to stop. If you win, it is necessary to put a kind of slat for yourself, and you are not allowed to lower it. Just say to yourself, “Well, now I have 200$ in my pocket, if I lose two times in succession, I will go away”.

You just MUST to do that when playing blackjack. Of course everybody dreams to hit the jackpot when you are lucky, but you always should know where to stop and to restrain your ardour. Think about it: if every blackjack player follows the simplest strategy and plays, observing similar discipline, then the casinos would shut all blackjack tables. But it never happens, because always there are inexperienced players, who throw their money away. Do not be one of them. It is the best advice.

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