Gambling Rules of Blackjack in American Casinos #4

Today I will write about different signals, dealer behavior and pips :). At first look, blackjack is rather simple game. But when we begin to talk about different minor points it becomes rather difficult. That’s right as a lot of minor points can influence significantly on your results.

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Remember that the hand signals can be different in a casino, where the cards are dealt round facedown and where you are allowed to take the cards in your own hands. In this case the player can signal, scratching the edges of two cards, which he keeps in his hands, on the table. If a player does not want to take one more card, he just put his 2 cards under the stake in his cell.

When a player takes another card, its value is added to the general sum. A player can continue taking the cards until he gets more than 21 pips, after that he loses his stake.

If a player does not want to get any cards, the dealer starts with another one. And after all the players have played, he begins to play himself. If the players are able to decide whether to take one more card or not, the dealer does not have such an opportunity. The dealer plays according to the certain rules, according to which, he has to take a card if the general sum of his 2 cards is 16 or less, or stop if the sum is 17 or more. If the dealer gets more than 21, he loses, and all the players, who still in the game, receive money 1 to 1, according to their bets.

If the croupier has not lost, the pips of the players are compared with his pips. If the whole amount of a player’s pips is higher than dealer’s one, he receives the winning 1 to 1. If the player has lesser pips than the dealer, he loses his stake. When a player and the dealer have an equal amount of pips, the round is considered to be drawn, and nobody receives anything. After all the stake payments have been made, the new round begins and new stakes are made.

When you decide how to table your cards, whether to stop or take one more, you should remember that there are some more opportunities in the game.

The first one is doubling. Many casinos allow the players to double their stakes only when they have two cards, in addition the players are allowed to take just one more card.

To do it, you have to put the equal to the primary stake amount of money next to it, and then a dealer will put one more card a bit aside, for you to show, that you have just double your stake. To double the stake in the game where cards are dealt facedown, you have to expose your cards and say to the dealer, that you are going to double your stake. After you have doubled it, the dealer will give you one more facedown card. In some casinos, there are restrictions for such a stake, and you will be allowed to double it, if the total sum of your cards is 9, 10 or 11. But, if it is allowed to double the stake without a restriction, it will only play into your hands.

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