How to Play Blackjack in American Casinos #2

The continuation of epic about advices as for playing blackjack game in American Casinos. Very often each casino has its specific rules. So be careful and pay attention to that.

Please read the first part Blackjack Playing Rules in American Casinos.

One of blackjack peculiarities consists in some differences of rules, which are established in different casinos.

Perhaps, it is the only game, where you can come across that. If you play poker, roulette or keno, you can notice, that, generally, rules are the same in all American casinos, but it does not concern blackjack. For example, in Atlantic City all the casinos use 6 or 8 card decks, which are always dispensed from a small square box, called “shoe”, and the cards are dealt round faceup.

In Las Vegas some casinos will offer you the same game, while other casinos offer 1 or 2 decks, which a croupier dispenses, and all the cards are dealt round facedown. That is more strange, some casinos in Las Vegas will offer you both variants of the game, and may be the rules will be changed when you move from one table to another. There also can be different variations of doubling and splitting rules. (Dividing of cards). We will discuss it a bit later. At the moment, just bear in mind, that there are different rules for playing blackjack in different casinos, and only some of these rules will do you good, while other ones will bring nothing good.

In our case, let us suppose, that we will play in a casino, where 6 decks of cards are used, which are dealt round faceup from a “shoe”. Meanwhile, whenever you play blackjack in a casino, where cards are dealt round faceup, do not touch them. In this kind of blackjack, only the dealer is allowed to touch cards. If you accidentally touch them, the dealer will ask you not to do it again.

After card dispensing the players should determine the total number of pips by addition of two card values.

The pip value of any card is equal to its number, but there are some exceptions: jacks, queens and kings, which are evaluated as 10 pips. If you have an ace and a ten-pip card, you have the Blackjack, which is also called “real”. You automatically win if the dealer has no Blackjack (otherwise, it will be draw). The draw is also called pass. When it happens you neither lose nor win. Blackjack is paid 3 to 2 or half as much again your stake, so if you put $5, you will receive your $5 and plus $7.50

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