Basic Blackjack Rules #1

Today I’m starting the set of posts where I will describe rules of blackjack game in simple and practical words.

Blackjack Rules Details

Six standard decks, consisting of 52 cards, from a two to an ace take part in a game, that is 312 cards, which form a “big deck”. A dealer dispenses cards from a special box, called “sabot” or “shoe” (In English and French both words mean “a shoe”)

Card Value in Blackjack Game

Kings, queens, jacks and tens are appraised at 10 pips. All these cards are equivalent and for easy operation are called “tens”. Aces, at the player’s option, are equal to 1 or 11 pips. The rest cards in compliance with their ranks (a two – 2 pips, an eight – 8 pips and so on). The suits of the cards are of no importance.

The Aim of the Game

The main idea of the game is to gather cards of total sum as far as it possible near 21 pips. 21 is the maximum, an excess brings defeat at once. The more the sum is, the high is the value of gathered cards. However, it is necessary to specify, that an ace and a ten are called “blackjack” and are considered to be the best combination. In terms of value, it exceeds any other cards, forming 21 pips.

The Number of Players in Blackjack

All players around the table play against a casino, which is presented by a dealer (croupier). The number of players is restricted only to the quantity of boxes on the game table. (Boxes are the specially outlined rectangles, as a rule there are 7 boxes on the table). A player can stake both on one of them and on some boxes simultaneously. By convention of players, they have the opportunity to stake on one box. The sum of such bets should not exceed the fixed maximum.

The Amount of a Bet

On every table for blackjack the plate is placed, where the amount of bets, which are permissible at this table (minimum and maximum) is indicated. The examples of ranges: $5 – $100, $25 – $500, $25 – $1000.

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